Boastful Micro Mechanism Competition

We encourage applicants to study three important themes of mechanic locomotion for this competition:

(a) Flying Mechanisms
(b) Walking Mechanisms
(c) A size is a mechanism of 10mm * 10mm * 10mm or less, and it is a mechanism which can further participate in either of "barrier and dice," and "sumo," competition.
(d)Autonomous micro sweeping robot on the table
Above 4 types are strongly recommended to develop.

Special Prize will be awarded to excellent machines using these mechanisms.


(a) Machines with micro mechanisms have to be made by applicants, and they must work properly. Machines do not have to be mobile.
(b) There are no particular limits in the size of mechanisms though the mechanism should be in micro size from an objective viewpoint. Any kind of mechanisms are welcome, such as climbing-wall-mechanism, a mechanism made smaller to the limit, a mechanism made by pursuing a new principle, and so on.
(c)You may supply energy and control signals from an outside device.

Mechanisms are evaluated based on idea, smallness, behavior, humor, the percentage of completion, artistic quality, and so on.