Preliminary Check

Mechanisms will be checked including measuring the size and weight.
The following simple functional check will also be done so that the contest proceeds smoothly. If a machine fails to pass the check, it cannot enter the contest.

(1) Measurement:

Mechanisms are measured with a vernier caliper to determine whether they are regulation size and weight.

(2) Function Check:

Regarding all competitions except for the "Boastful Micro Mechanism Competition," the following function check will be done. If a machine fails to achieve the average level, it is not allowed to enter the contest. Competitors are allowed to take the test twice in the interest of saving time.

(2-1) Barrier Climbing and Dice-Operating Micro Mechanism: Figure 1 shows the ground for a preliminary function check of the competition. It is a horizontal board with Kent Paper on it, and the running area is 60mm wide and between 300mm and 400mm long. Machines must run the area on the board within 20 seconds. They are disqualified if they go beyond the goal area. And Machines must turn the dice so that the spots on the dice are shown from 6 to 1 within 1 minute. You can place the dice and machine in an ideal position at the beginning though you must not touch or move them after the operation has started. If you need a wall, you can use a substitute for the wall freely.

(2-2) Sumo (Wrestling) Micro Mechanism: Machines must proceed more than 30mm in the ring within 20 seconds, pushing a box(25mm*25mm*3mm), which is made of Kent Paper (drafting paper) and has a 10-yen coin (4.5gf in weight, 23.5mm in diameter, and approximately 1.5mm thick) in it.

Fig. 1 Function check ground for Barrier Climbing Micro Mechanism Competition